Intravenous Drip Monitoring System

  • Dr. A. Rajendran, et all


An Intravenous Drip Sensor device for use in hospitals and care facilities has been developed. The system detects the fall of each drop of fluid from the drip chamber and also a dropping situation of free flow. The intravenous fluid monitoring system using Arduino Uno R3. IV volume and fluid level can be precisely controlled. Human can contact the system through GSM (Global System for Mobile communication).The user can communicate and send warning messages with the assistance of the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) module, via SMS (Short Message Service) received by the GSM. The GSM transfers the information to arduino which frequently receives the data in the form of codes from sensors. After proceeding, Arduino Uno R3 gives the signal to the actuator which can allows volume of fluid to the required health automatically.

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