The Existence of Jemaah Islamiyah and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Indonesia

  • Reda Manthovani


Indonesia is a country with the largest number of Muslim population in the world. Various Islamic ideologies from moderate to radical are exist in Indonesia. Terrorists who are using the name of religion also have many followers. Two streams of global terrorists that using Islam exist in Indonesia, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. They always have a way to maintain the existence of movements and networks, even though the state stops and narrows its movement space.Thispaper aims to find out the major network of terrorism in Indonesia, this network is Jemaah Islamiyah and Islamic State of Iraq and Syiria (ISIS). This knowledge is important for the implementation of a suppression and removal of terrorism existence together with its organizations which exist in Indonesia for the sake of humanity. Regardless of the imperfect Act of Terrorism Crime Eradication and the absence of special Act which regulates terrorism funding. According to responsive law, the laws enforcers have been successfully use the existed legislation to make Indonesia able to obey the United Nation Security Council’s Resolution Number 1267. The decision of Zarkasih and Abu Dujana case also proves that Jemaah Islamiyah is exist, even it proved in front of the court.

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