A Secure NFC Transactions via Symmetric Algorithm

  • Mohd Kamir Yusof, Mustafa Man, Nur Shuhada Md Rusli


Security is an important element for the success of Near Field Communication. Due to high interoperability, protection of NFC data from unauthorized users or attackers are required. NFC provides no reliable security against privacy protection or protection against a device being vulnerable to coincidental reception of malicious data. A few problems such as data modification, data corruption, man in the middle attack and relay attack could be a major threat if any kind of authentication is not involved before the NFC transactions. Hence, implementation of NFC application must consider all possible features which is not only efficiency element, but also secure element is more than necessary to make the fullest use of this technology. The proposed system focuses on the protection of the data and verify the originality of mosquito spray product during NFC transactions using a unique key value and symmetric algorithm and trying to secure the transferred data from various possible attacks.        

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