Analysis of Soil Parameters for Proper Fertilizer Recommendation to Increase the Productivity of Paddy Field Cultivation

  • Maya L Pai, Suchithra M. S, Dhanya M


This study aims to highlight the importance of proper fertilizer usage for the crops and propose an analysis method by integrating the Shapiro-Wilk test and Wilcoxon Sign-Ranked Test to manage the soil characteristics. This method suggests the suitable stage of cultivation for applying the fertilizer Lime and for the Leaching process. Statistical learning approaches are used to develop the computational procedure and to create the advisory reports. Shapiro-Wilk test provides the methods to identify the normality in the soil characteristics of the Paddy field and Wilcoxon Sign-Ranked method provides the evidence for making the decision to support the suitable stages of fertilization for the Paddy fields. The Multiple Regression analysis identifies the effect of the soil characters with rice yield. This yield can be related with many other parameters also, but this study focuses on the soil characteristics like pH value and EC (Electrical Conductivity) to understand the decreasing or increasing trend of these parameters in the corresponding area of cultivation with different stages. The results show that the soil parameters pH and EC are related to rice production and the analysis found the decrease in pH after Maximum tillering stage of Paddy field cultivation. So after this stage paddy fields requires proper Lime fertilizer application. The salinity of this field is increased in cultivation stages like the Seedling stage, Active tillering stage, and Harvesting stage. This works identifies the fertilizer required stages by analysis and provide the advisory report for the liming and leaching on these fields. The contributions of this work are mainly reflected in the creation of an advisory report for farmers to make a decision to produce a good result in rice yield. This work helps to figure out the drawbacks in decision making by without considering the normality of the data space.

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