Comprehensive Review on Brain Tumor Detection Techniques - A Data Science Perspective

  • M. Kruthika Reddy, Dr. K. Naveen Kumar , Dr. G V S Raj kumar


The central organ of nervous system, the brain, controls most of body activities. Its health is indispensable for fulfilling human aspirations. Tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in brain which interrupts the brain functionality. Medical Practitioners and researchers are striving to have more insights about this disease. Enhanced imaging tests is one of the areas which could help doctors to improve accuracy of diagnosis. The recent developments with respect to the field of data science together with machine learning approaches have improved the possibilities of having better perception about the Brain Tumor Detection (BTD). In the wake of this, we put forth in this article, about the emerging brain imaging techniques and BTD methodologies besides the state of the art. Out of many modus operandi, MRI imaging holds significance in BTD. In order to overcome the limitations of MRI, automatic BTD is essential. Towards this end, many techniques came into existence. This article provides a comprehensive review on the existing BTD methods together with imaging techniques. It includes deep learning techniques together with the recent developments in automatic detection of brain tumor. The insights of this article include, electron cryotomography as emerging brain image technique.

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