A Study on Water Distribution Network in Around Rural and Urban Areas

  • A.Ashok, Akhil Gurijala, SS. Asadi


During classify toward fulfill the water command of the constantly rising populace, it is necessary toward supply the plenty with consistent capacity of water through the designed system of pipe. intended for this use the particulars provide via the IPH (Irrigation And Public Health Department) department, the common features of the region similar to in order on the chief water basis, populace of the region, insist of water, requirement of the pumps, distribution network and water tanks are essential for efficient design of water distribution system. Water distribution system deals with the supplying of potable water for a village which can be useful for both drinking and wholesome purpose. The main stages of distribution system are collection works, transmission works, purification works and distribution works .It includes estimation of future population (population forecasting) by using various methods, layout of pipes and design of valves and joints, finding out the head losses etc., It also includes drinking water standards as per WHO which is safe for human consumption.

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