An Efficient and cost effective configuration of PV System in Smart Grid Environment

  • Arjun Baliyan, Majid Jamil, M. Rizwan


Renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and wind are boundless, pollution free, and easily available so they provide a reliable substitute to the conventional energy sources such as oil, gas and coal. Among all these renewable sources, Photovoltaic systems are mostly used due to easy installation and their ability to provide a clean environment. However, the performance and efficiency of these systems still require a major improvement. Within this article, we have suggested a new strategy identified as transformerless inverter. It proposes an elite, single organize inverter topology intended in the favor of grid associated PV frameworks called as H Bridge and H5 topology. The proposed configuration not only just boosting up the normal PV array voltage but it can also improve the quality of the AC power injected into the grid. For converting the solar power into DC, we utilize the DC-DC boost converter and to DC current into AC we are using DC link decoupling ideas. The proposed topology has a few highlights, for example, better usage of PV array, higher effectiveness, ease and minimal size. The execution of the suggested framework has been calculated keeping in mind the two measures. The examination results demonstrate that the proposed transformerless inverter has provided the reduction in the leakage current and high productivity with reduction in losses.

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