Smart Irrigation and Leaf Disease Identification System

  • Dr. A. Rajendran, et al.


About 70 percent of the economy depends on agriculture. Hi-tech automated irrigation system had become outstanding and remarkable applications in this smart world. With the usage of internet of things (IOT) life have become  much  easier where we correlate  agriculture with IOT and  had successfully derived an output where by understanding the humidity of an agricultural land ,the plants are watered ,monitored for its growth. Simultaneously, sensors help in identifying the nature of disease caused to the plant and saving them ultimately. The plants plays a unique role in the field of agriculture .So, to enhance the growth of plants, the farmers should pay attention in preventing the plants from diseases. This system focuses mainly on detection of diseases in plants using IOT technology. Components involved are moisture sensor, temperature sensor, light dependent sensor are connected to ARDUINO micro-processor that is wirelesslyconnected to the cloud data center via GSM module. The data received shall be stored to analysis of the data using data mining technique to identify the possible disease for that condition .These parametersare linked to ANDROID mobile phones and the user can access by switching by the ARDUINO from the ANDROID smartphone.

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