Face, Object and Colour Identification System in Schools for Dress-Code Monitoring

  • Boddu Praveen, P. Jagadeesh


The technology has been developed which can make interaction between the human and the computer very easy. The face recognition is the best example for that. For the past two decades the researches are made in the face recognition.  The face recognition can involve in all the below mentioned process such as computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing and the machine learning. In this paper they mainly process the face recognition and the color identification. The faces are captured and the pattern segmentation, identification and comparison are made. Then the next stage is the color identification which uses the Neural Network Model which is applied in the color uniform of the college students. From the captured image of the color uniform the RGB color components are extracted. The color components of the resized images are scaled using SHM Simple Heuristic Method. From feature vector identification in the color uniform the rescaled image is extracted. The accuracy of the method is about 95%. The RGB and the neural network plays a main role in the color identification. 

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