Migration of Tribal Women-A Study in Molakalmuru Taluk

  • Nagesha B, Dr. B. Jayarama Bhat


Migration has become a universal phenomenon in the modern times. Due to the expansion of transport and communication, migration has become a worldwide process of urbanization and industrialization. In most of the countries it has been observed that industrialization and economic development have been accompanied by large scale movements of people from villages to towns, towns to other towns or from one area to other areas in search of better livelihood which has been a key feature of human history. Molakalmuru is a backward taluk in Chitradurga district of Karnataka state. The taluk has experienced drought for 73 of the last 100 years; unfortunately, there is no long term mitigation plan in place. In recent years migration has been continuously increasing in this taluk. The present paper analyses the socio-economic conditions, problems and the reasons of migration. The paper depends on both the secondary and primary sources information.

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