Soil pH Determination Along with Automated System for Quality Agriculture

  • Deepa S,Akalya P, Anusha R, Vidya K


As technology has improved, all is digital and reduces workforce work. Our project is one of the steps towards quality agriculture. We have two main steps, one is to design the system in order to determine the pH scale of the soil to supply elaborated crop yield data to farmers together with an irrigation machine, which will scale the manual work and stress free with the support of a small control unit. Nutrient could be an essential food supply for the development of the plant. Zone class of Nutrients Classified as Micronutrients. Primary Macronutrients in the soil region unit evaluated for the hydrogen ion concentration (PH level) to be identified. As a result, irrigation system automation (based on the soil moisture level detected) is carried out with the aid of responsive computer optimized computing resources.

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