Evaluating the Anti –Mitotic Behaviour and Alkaloid Fraction of Solanum Nigrum

  • S.Vasantha, Dr. T. Ushadevi


Cancer continues to be a worldwide murderous disease, and the recent research focuses on the production of the anti-cancer agents in order to alleviate devastating effects of the cancer. This kind of the medicinal plants, for the production of medicines for the treatment of several diseases, samples were used as source. The research aimed to test Solanum nigrum (S. nigrum), a member of the Solanaceae family, for a heterogeneous range of secondary metabolites that are highly anti-cancer glycoalkaloids (SGAs) and steroidal saponins (SSs). As this area has been more or less unexplored since the successful use of glycoalkaloids as an anti-cancer agent is contentious. Cytoskeletal proteins, such as actin, are essential in cell structure survival, sync cell division synchronization, cell motility etc. and may also serve as useful therapeutic targets for possible anticancer candidates and their supplementary proteins. Glycoalkaloids and Saponins from S are in the present study. Using the High-Transit screening assays, nigrum are tested for their antimitotic behavior.

 Keywords: Cancer, anti-cancer agents, Solanum nigrum, secondary metabolites and High throughput screening assays.

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