Analysis of Internet of Things Concept for the Application of Smart Cities

  • Dr. G. Sivanageswara Rao, K. Raviteja G. Phanindra, D. Vignesh


A lot of crucial research studies and investigations have been done in order to enhance thetechnology through IoT. However, there are still a lot of challenges and issues that needto be addressed to achieve the full potential of IoT. These challenges and issues mustbe considered from various aspects of IoT such as applications, challenges, enablingtechnologies, social and environmental impacts etc. The main goal of this review articleis to provide a detailed discussion from both technological and social perspective. Thearticle discusses different challenges and key issues of IoT, architecture and importantapplication domains. Also, the article bring into light the existing literature andillustrated their contribution in different aspects of IoT. Moreover, the importance of bigdata and its analysis with respect to IoT has been discussed. The goal of the current paper is to provide an inclusivereview on the concept of the smart city besides their different applications, benefits, and advantages.In addition, most of the possible IoT technologies are introduced, and their capabilities to mergeinto and apply to the different parts of smart cities are discussed. The potential application of smartcities with respect to technology development in the future provides another valuable discussionin this paper. Meanwhile, some practical experiences all across the world and the key barriers to itsimplementation are thoroughly expressed.

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