Analysis of Microclimate in Livestock Housing

  • Sizova Yu.V., Kucherenko M.N., Vasilieva L.A., Matveev V.Yu., Kotin A.I.


In modern livestock breeding, raising the density of animals as well as the degree of mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes leads to greater biological and technical burden on the housing. Biological burden depends not only on the number of animals per unit area, but also on the intensity of physiological processes and metabolism in highly productive animals. These features of industrial livestock production require special microclimate in livestock housing. The microclimate solution such includes important indicators as light, temperature, humidity, air velocity and others. According to zootechnical and sanitary requirements to keeping dairy cows, all microclimate parameters in the housing must be strictly maintained within established norms. These microclimate studies were conducted at the AP Solovievskoye farm in Knyagininsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia. The studies focused on two types of cattle houses, the first, made of the assembled concrete semi-frames with a glass apex in the roof, the second made of assembled concrete semi-frames without a glass apex, both designed for 200 animals. The average air temperature in the house with the glass apex was 5.7 °C at the end of the building. This is below the norm, which is 8–12 °C in winter. In the central part of the building, the temperature was higher by 1.1 °C. The air circulation velocity in both houses was insufficient, which has a significant effect on the heat transfer in the dairy cows, while in winter, the increased air circulation causes hypothermia in animals’ bodies. The results obtained can be used to modernize the livestock complex. Dairy products of cows are often used only by 20–30% due to unsatisfactory zoo-hygienic conditions. Therefore, creating an optimal microclimate is an important reserve for increasing the production of high-quality products.


Keywords: animals, microclimate indicator, livestock housing, appliances

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