Accident Detection and Alerting System Using GPS & GSM

  • Arun Francis G, Gottursamy C, Ranjit Kumar S, Vignesh M, Kavin T P


This project presents analyzes of the accident detection techniques and some future possibilities in this field. Most accidents do happen on the roads nowadays due to increased traffic and also due to the driver's reckless driving. In many cases, family members or the ambulance and police are not kept informed on time. This results in delaying the assist provided to the injured person by accident. Road accidents are the crux of the incident. The project aims at finding the vehicle where it is and locating the vehicle using a computer within the vehicle system to send a message. Most of the time, we might not be able to locate the accident because no one knows where the accident will take place. Our Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Accident Detection project with GPS is designed to avoid these circumstances.
Keywords: Arduino, Vibration sensor, GPS, GSM

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Vignesh M, Kavin T P, A. F. G. G. C. R. K. S. (2020). Accident Detection and Alerting System Using GPS & GSM. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 3598 - 3601. Retrieved from