A Study on Awareness towards Digital Payments among People of Haryana

  • Deepak Gupta et al.


In digital India campaign, Indian government has stressed on speedy and substantive reforms
in digitalization for promotion of quality and excellence. Digital Payment is one of these reforms.
There are so many awareness programmes have been started to spread Awareness regarding various
modes of Digital Payment like DigiShala-Educational TV channel for digital payments, Digital
finance for rural india creating awareness and access through common service centres, Vittiya
Sakshatra Abhiyan (Visaka) by MHRD. As Digital Payment is still in its infancy stage and general
public being is an important part of the system, it is essential to understand their perspective and to
know how much they are aware about this system. Here it is interested to examine particularly about
the Awareness level of Digital Payments among people in the present Indian setting due to the
intriguing developments that are currently taking place. It provides insights which will lead to wider
Digital Payments Acceptance of and use, to the extent that Digital Payments ultimately becomes a
preferred medium for economic transactions in India. In this chapter the focus is given to check
Awareness regarding functioning of various modes of Digital Payment.
A total of 384 participants were involved in this survey research. Convenient sampling
technique has been used. Rohtak and Rewari districts of Haryana were selected for the study. The
structured and closed ended questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. The association of
Awareness regarding functioning of various modes of Digital Payment with demographic
characteristics was checked by chi square test at 5% level of significance and the association is found
to be significant for all the explanatory variables. Results indicated that all the respondents had heard
about digital payments and also knew the purpose of digital payments but most of the respondents are
not aware about the functioning of various modes.

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