Restructuring Sentences using Natural Language Processing

  • Ravinder Mohan Jindal, Dr. Vijay Rana, Dr. Sanjeev K Sharma


: Restructuring a sentence is not an easy task. It is quite challenging as it requires a lot of understanding of Natural Language Processor or Processing. Talking about restructuring the sentences of the Punjabi language, the one and only difficulty a person has faced or will face is to understand the actual context of the sentence. The meaning of the text to be changed must remain the same even after the restructuring of the sentence. This research basically aims to help an individual identify the complex phrase and the exact meaning of the Punjabi Corpus to avoid any loss of meaning of the original text. This study additionally will be proved as a boon for many individuals as it will give a detailed analysis of how one can use some words synonymously without changing the actual context for better and a modified text. Not only limited to the tasks mentioned above, this study brings forth an idea to explain and elaborate a variety of behaviours depicted and present in a robust language such as Punjabi.

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