Climate Service Product: Ocean Climate Learning Software (OCLS) to Enhance Climate Literacy in Indonesia

  • Rosmiati, Liliasari, Bayong Tjasyono, Taufik Ramlan Ramalis


This research aims to develop the Ocean Climate Learning Software (OCLS) media which is used to facilitate the study and create public literacy about Ocean climate. Development is carried out through several stages, namely material analysis, media design, media creation, expert validation, implementation, and evaluation. The media was developed using Adobe Flash application and validated by 5 experts and implemented to 73 pre-service physics teachers (29 experimental classes and 34 control classes) at one of the universities in Bandung - Indonesia. Data were analyzed descriptively, comparatively, and also N-gain calculation. Based on the results of data analysis, the results of the expert validity stated that the OCLS media was appropriate to use although there was a slight revision in the material section. Furthermore, based on independent sample tests that there are differences in learning outcomes about Ocean climate in the experimental class and the control class. And based on the paired sample test that there is an influence of the use of OCLS on learning outcomes of Pre-service physics teachers in the experimental class. In addition, based on N-Gain calculations Ocean climate learning using OCLS is more effective than those not using OCLS. And based on the evaluation results that the Pre-service physics teacher gave very positive responses to the use of OCLS in studying the Ocean climate. Therefore, OCLS is very suitable to be used as a tool to study the Ocean climate.

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