A Real-Time Student Face Detector in the Classroom using YoloV3 Anchor Matching Strategy on WIDER Face Dataset

  • Eko Cahyo Nugroho, Gede Putra Kusuma


Face detection is still an interesting research topic in recent years because it is considered a substantial part of face recognition implementation using deep learning networks. Without the correct area of the face to be detected and recognized, then implemented face recognition can be inefficient and wasting the valuable areas that can be useful as inputs in face recognition networks. Therefore, there are many types of research in this topic using various face dataset benchmark like tested on FDDB and WIDER Face. WIDER Face offering a challenging dataset with various of the pose, scale, occlusion along with many annotated tiny faces. In this WIDER Face benchmark, S3FD offering a faster detector with relatively good accuracy inspired by anchor-based SSD and RPN where the top accuracy detectors in WIDER Face implemented using Region-based CNN. Region-based DSFD offering good accuracy and listed on top-accuracy detectors, but unable counted as a real-time detector in our testing process. In this paper, we propose a faster face detector model with relatively good accuracy in the WIDER Face benchmark using optimized 9 clusters of anchor boxes in the Yolov3 framework. These anchor boxes are optimized using K-Mean clustering from the WIDER Face training dataset in order to make better-matched anchor boxes during the training-validation process to detect various faces, especially for tiny faces. This paper shows relatively good competitiveness of our Yolov3 face detector model in terms of accuracy and speed on the WIDER Face datasets benchmark. We also tested our model in a real-case situation for detecting students inside the classroom and show the capability of real-time face detector with correct face detections during the real case implementation.

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Gede Putra Kusuma, E. C. N. (2020). A Real-Time Student Face Detector in the Classroom using YoloV3 Anchor Matching Strategy on WIDER Face Dataset. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 3006- 3022. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/4520