Performance Analysis of Distributed Networks

  • Taskeen Zaidi, Nitya Nand Dwivedi


Networks become more and more complex whether it is wired and wireless. Protocols play important role in estimating the performance of a network to govern data communication process. The performance of network is calculated based on bandwidth, throughput, latency etc. The performance of network may be measured by collecting packet transmission statistics across a network using simulation tools. In this paper we analyzed the performance of step network with bus network. The major parameters for estimating the network performance is (i) throughput (ii) delay (iii) jitter (iv) packet received on NS3 network simulation tool. We have compared step network and bus network scenario and simulation results were represented in the form of tables and graphs. The performance is also analyzed through error model for both networks. It is depicted that step network performs is better than bus network in case of node failure.

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