Performance Analysis of Stepper Motor Driven Lingua scope device in oncology Applications

  • Indira S, Kannaian T


Cancer is becoming an incurable disease and this disease is causing panic to people who live in the tiny planet. Not only the unhealthy,all age group has been victim to any type of cancer which is ever recorded. There are many modes of cancer treatment like Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Radiotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Hormone therapy. The proposed system is a new approach to cure the cancer by using linguascopy technique where the Cancer is removed in a mechanical way without open surgery. The cancer cells are targeted at particular part of the body and a catheter is used in this process to remove the cancer cell. At the posterior end a stepper motor is used to create a vacuum to suck out the cancer engulfed by the mouth of the catheter. The mouth of the catheter is modified into anaconda’s mouth where the detecting sensors is used to detect cancer cell colony and a tongue like structure which engulfs the cells which is made up of shape memory alloy which contracts and expands near the cancer cell. The cells engulfed into the catheter are broken down into small pieces is sucked out with the vacuum created by the stepper motor. Thus, the scope is taken out of the body without damaging any organs of the body which will be cost effective compared to other treatments. The proposed system analyzes the performance of stepper motor is analyzed with various parameters like stepping angle, speed, torque, current and real power. The MATLAB / Simulink environment is preferred to analyze the parameters of stepper motor.

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