Women as Workforce Participation: A Study of Pull and Push Factors

  • Amulya B A, Dr. Ravi Kumar


Government of India emphasizing on education of girl child since several years is being witnessed, resulting in high number of girl child graduating. Education in itself gives an empowerment to women to participate and contribute to the demands of work force. The present study was initiated with a crude idea about women participating as a part of corporate workforce. A study was taken with an objective to understand the motives behind women workforce participation. Descriptive research is adopted to understand the push and pull factors that have lead the women to leave their jobs. Convenient sampling was taken up for 59 respondents as the respondents are wide spread across the city Mysuru which is taken as the area of the study. The results highlighted from the study were showing a negative trend of growth in participation of women as a part of workforce. On investigation it was found that marriage, not able to compete with skilled workforce was observed as strong reasons for quitting the jobs. Education, Ambition was identified as pull factors to quit work. To conclude the study push factors have contributed for the decrease in the participation of women as compared to pull factors.

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