Advanced Biofuel Reseach Trands and Aftertreament Technology of Ci Engine

  • Byungmo Yang, Haengmuk Cho


Indiscriminate use of fossil fuels has caused numerous problems, including exhaustion of fossil fuels, an increase in oil prices, air pollution and fine dust. 27% of the world's major energy sources are used for transportation, and most of them are used as fossil fuels. Biofuel, which is attracting attention as a clean alternative energy source, is most actively applied to transportation fuels due to its environmentally friendly characteristics but it has problems in fuel production cost and engine technology development. In order to solve these issues, we have described the domestic and overseas research trends in progress and biofuel-only engine technology. In addition, the development of technology to lower fuel production costs and the establishment and operation of various policies for more stable fuel supply are even more required to flexibly respond to sudden environmental changes.

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