DDoS Attack Detection and Prevention in MANETs

  • Jasdeep Kaur, Dr.Harmeet Singh


In the 21st century, Information and communication technology is growing rapidly. Everyone wants to be interconnected everywhere 24/7. So, mobility came to into existence in the form of MANETs(mobile ad hoc network) that becomes essential part of everyone's life. MANET “Mobile Ad Hoc Network". It is anexample of wireless ad hoc network, a group of movable nodes that formulate a provisional network in the absence of any fixed infrastructure.MANET does not have any pre-defined structure, which causes many security issues for MANETs. This paper focuses on various attacks especially on DDoS attack on MANETs, ananomaly-based IDS is proposed using AODV routing protocols NS2 is used to measure the effectiveness of the purposed mechanism.

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