Investigation of Disease Using the Machine Learning Approach: A Review

  • Vipin Rai et. al


The prediction of disease using machine learning technique is now a day most energizing research with in the scientific community. The conclusive statement obtained from the doctor or any type of suggestive things like Integrated Soft-computing tools, data mining and neural network analysis always is predictive. Always there is chance to improvises the expected result through better treatment process. All of these processes need very huge study of patient’s data. It is quite tough to arrange huge and real data sets for present’s research. So this paper introduces neural network technique for generating the real data sets.This facilities self-generating vales of patients’ record values. Neural network itself is capable and sufficient generator of all kind of data type. It just needs the type of characteristics and particular variety and additional it feed to training data. This includes the implementation of neural network that enhance the make the console more decisive. Various algorithms like A-Priori, K-Mean and PSO is also be reviewed for making the earlier tools in console.

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