The Continuity of Classical Islamic Thinking in Indonesia

  • Ris’an Rusli


The continuity of Islamic intellectualism in the modern era in Indonesia consists of the concept of understanding the attributes of God and the relation of Allah to the universe or commonly known as Islamic theology. The field of ethics in Islam or how a person engages in society, human servitude in his duties on earth and how humans treat nature, are all the field of this study. Field of physics; includes discussion of the nature of growth and development. Field exact sciences will discuss about science such as; mathematics, geometry, astronomy and so on. Thus this research is expected to be useful in adding to the repertoire of historical studies and intellectual thinking while at the same time contributing to the preservation of scientific traditions in Indonesia that are directly or indirectly related to Islamic thought. The results of the Islamic thoughts about these four things have brought considerable development to human science and civilization. This has important values in human life. Regarding the problem of divinity, many concepts of thought arise. This is because divinity is fundamental in Islamic teachings the problem is very complex and unique.


Keywords: continuity, classical Islam, Islamic thought

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