The Role of Learning Analytics in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

  • Izzat Syahir Mohd Ramli, Siti Mistima Maat, Fariza Khalid


The world of education nowadays is on the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It has transformed the education landscape in Malaysia to a more innovative and portable platform. Therefore, dramatic changes are happening around us at an exponential speed. As such, students today are extensively exposed to gadgets such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and so on. The advancement of technology has triggered a revolution in data generation by the devices used. That being said, learning analytics (LA) is significant in the field of education because it helps teachers interpret the data obtained from students via technology. Hence, this article was drawn from previous works of literature to create an overview of the issue pertaining to LA in Mathematics education. The application of LA in Mathematics is effective in helping teachers to understand students’ potential thus improving the overall quality of the teaching and learning process. Moreover, LA in Mathematics allows teachers to predict both students’ achievement and the risk of dropouts. Hence, teacher suggested to explored game-based learning (GBL) approach with LA in Mathematics. This approach has the potential to create a positive and effective learning process with the application of technology.


Keywords: learning analytics, game-based learning, mathematics, technology

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