Characteristics of Tourist Segments in Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar

  • Zurina Ahmad Saidi, Habibah Ahmad, Hamzah Jusoh


The Royal Town Tourism fulfill the needs of tourists who want to experience the culture, past life and experience of the tourist, activities to enjoy the atmosphere of the community. The Royal Town has a very rich heritage of value. It should be maintained by the present generation so that it does not become consumed by age. City Tourism simply means tourism in the city. The Royal Town is often known as a landmark of heritage, natural history, old buildings, artifacts, cultural traditions and traditionally passed on and passed down through the generations. Royal Town Tourism is also an attractive tourism product that meets the needs of tourists. This paper aims to identify comparisons of tourist characteristics based on segments namely student, youth and family tourists. A convenience sampling was used for a sample of 500 people. The analysis shows that there are comparisons based on the three tourist segments. Based on the mechanism of visit to the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar shows the purpose of the holiday and the factors influencing the visit according to the tourist segment. Furthermore, based on the needs of services such as accommodation, transportation, community resources, there is a similar preference for the student, youth and family segments. Whereas the spending pattern explains that almost all segments spend less than RM100 for their allocation in Kuala Kangsar. But the provision is more used for shopping purposes.


Keywords: royal town tourism, visiting characteristics, tourist segments, students, youth, family, Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar

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