A study on problems faced by SHG women in business with referance to Nagapattinam District

  • Dr. S Chandrasekar


The status of women in India has been improving over the years, because of various movements and legislations like Equal Rights Act, Women Empowerment Act, Unionism and various other Social movements. Even though these have been spoken in large about women. Liberalization but still this has not come in to existence in reality. There are numerous problems faced by women, especially working women, the problem might be on the job (or) off the job. Women who feel weak in their bargaining power have joined together and have started self help group. They are venturing into collective working, Marketing and sharing. These women group produce products, services and compete in the open market. Even though the products produced by them are of high quality, but still these products are not able to find a reputation in the market. Thus a study has been carried and to identify the various problems faced by these SHG women in marketing / selling their products. The study has been carried out to find whether there is an inherent problem or external problem faced by these women group. This has been considered as the problem of the study.

The main aim of this paper to  study the factors that influence SHG women to promote a business o study the various problem faced by SHG women in business ,to study the level of work – life balance of SHG women and  offer suggestions to reduce the problem. Though this study is very significant to understand the problem faced by SHG business women.,this study is important to know the prospects level for the business women. and it is also analyses the work-life balance of the business women.

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