A Structural Model Fuzzy Multiple Regression Analysis to Cloud Computing Security Issues

  • Shaymaa Taha Ahmed, Raddam Sami Mehsen, Teeb Hussein Hadi


computing is very important. Therefore, the methods and approaches for controlling cloud security issues are important to mitigate the issues. In addition, this paper identified and categorized cloud computing security issues across all components of cloud applications and mobility; the cloud services model and cloud deployment models. These problems will verify and modeled by using fuzzy multiple regression model analysis methods. The process of data analysis through regression model and other techniques that are important to confirm the validity and the reliability of data analysis. Will present data analysis conceptual modeling for analysis security issues and structural model for fuzzy multiple regression analysis in cloud computing security issues. Also in this paper provides a clear classification about cloud security issues and critical control factors that mitigate cloud computing issues. The fuzzy multiple regression analyses the existing models in cloud security issues using intelligent model to find out the appropriate cloud control factors for each cloud security issues from estimation regression analysis for address the security. On the other hand privacy-related could computing security issues inherent from the cloud computing   to adopting performance, accelerate fabrication and the ability to run down applications.

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