Analysis of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology on Digital Startups in Indonesia

  • Erna Maulina, Margo Purnomo, Aulia Rizki Wicaksono, Muhamad Rizal


The application and adoption of Artificial Intelligence technology in Southeast Asia in 2018 has reached the level of 14%. According to statistics and SAS Asia Pacific research results in 2018 the spread of the application of AI technology in Asia has reached several business sectors ranging from banking, telecommunications, health, digital commerce, trade in goods and services. It is known that 26.4% of Indonesia, 17.1% of Thailand, 9.9% of Singapore, 8.1% of Malaysia has been able to adopt AI technology in their organizations. However, in reality, Indonesia still occupies the lowest position on the Asian Index of Artificial Intelligence (<0.2).

This study aims to examine the implementation of AI technology at startups in Indonesia, what are the obstacles that affect the implementation of AI, and how to overcome existing obstacles related to AI technology in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of AI in the ranking of using AI technology at startup which is most commonly found is Bukalapak with score is 87,771. Initial capital and investment regarding artificial intelligence implementation as one of the indicators of financial criteria is the main barriers in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore a strategy is also needed to overcome the barriers of each of these aspects.

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