Design and Fabrication of Multi Nozzle Battery Spray Pump

  • D. Jayabalakrishnan et al.


Pests are one of the major causes of loss of agricultural produce. Weeds compete with crops for essential nutrients. In agriculture, it’s a very difficult task to avoid pests manually as well as using manually operated sprayers which may further lead to time, manpower. For Pest removing an average of nearly 1980 Cr of rupees are being spent. Our country faces a total loss of 33% of its economy from Pests. The Losses are due to some of the following reasons, total loss of 26% from Crop Diseases, total loss of 20% from Insects and Worms, total Loss of 6% from Rats has been surveyed.

Sprayers are machines used for Pests removal. A manual sprayer is one of the prominent forms of pest removal. Smaller spraying machines commonly Known as portable sprayers are solely used for Pest removal in agricultural fields, in our country, most of the farmers have small croplands and that's why they don't prefer to purchase of Pesticide Sprayer. So, we in this paper design and fabricate a good efficient, low-cost PesticideSprayer. The special type of powered Pesticide sprayer isdesigned and constructed to remove thePests.

The foremost benefits of our product were, they must reduce labor cost similarly in quantity of labors, consume less time to remove the pests, Easy and Simple to operate and handling should be comfortable for farmers. It should be faster than the traditional method of removing pests.

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