Marketisation of Assamese culture : An analytical study

  • Biswajit Nath


Assamese culture is an agriculture based culture which foundation is the rural economy. The whole cultural elements are derived from agriculture related traditions, different seasons of crops, various rituals etc. Agriculture is the main factor of assamese culture. But in recent times, due to the impact of industrialization, urbanization, assamese culture has been changed in its various aspects. But it still carry its own importance as a rural culture in different parts of the globe. The area of assamese culture is so varied and wide in nature. There a market has been created focusing the various aspects of assamese culture such as-different festivals, dress pattern, food habit etc. This process of marketization is helping to provide a way of income to individuals as well as is providing its identity in front of others. Through this research paper it is trying to study the various aspect of assamese culture where in marketization has been occurred. Again, it will also analyse pros and cons of marketization on assamese culture.

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