Impact of Globalization on Assamese culture : An analytical study

  • Biswajit Nath


At the present scientific and technological days, with the help of various developed mass media and communication news of the various parts of the globe, their creations, their socio-politico-economic situation and pictures are published among the masses. The culture of the various parts of the globe are mutually impacted due to this science and technological development. This mutual impact also brings changes in cultural elements of the various parts of the globe. When this cultural aspect changes and get a fresh from due to the mutual impact can be called as the impact of globalization. assamese culture of the north-east India is also impacted by the globalization process. Transcending the geographical obstacle the scientific and technological development of the 21st century has introduced assamese culture to the world. This leads the ways of globalization to enter in to the assamese culture. There are various factors which help globalization process to enter in to assamese culture such as –Modern education, religion industrialization, urbanization, Co-ordination etc. Therefore through this study it will be tried to study the impact of globalization in the assamese culture and its pros and cons.

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