Technology and Empowerment of Women: Role of Digital Media in Democracy

  • Dr. Jintu Gohain


Abstract: In this digital world the social, political and cultural course of the society is highly influenced by the information and communication tools. It just takes merely seconds for new ideas to reach any corner of the globe unknown to a few decades ago. There is a widespread need to use media for the awareness of the women folk to achieve the long-cherished goals of women empowerment. Regarding how Media can make people realize that women empowerment is an important tool to bring the required social changes in the contemporary society the discussion on the role of the new media comes to the front. In order to achieve the goal of gender equality the focus should be on providing more freedom to women, to organize their lives and identity and also to reduce power imbalances.On this ground Media can act as a catalyst in projecting women empowerment as a dynamic process of individual as well as collective struggle against the forces which suppress and subordinate women. It accentuates a procedure of reorganization of all existing resources in the society, be it social, economic, political, intellectual or cultural. The objective of this paper is to look at the political ground reality of women in the electoral politics of the state. It tries to analyze the role of the new media as a forum of political participation in the state of Assam examining the relevance of it as a space of public discourse to women voters in electoral politics. It basically looks at the leeway concerning women and media that aims to promote women empowerment is to increase women involvement in decision making process through political participation.

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