Effect of Group Participative Communication Towards Pekka Economic Empowerment

  • Ana Kuswanti et al.


This study aims to analyze the effect of participatory communication groups on the economic empowerment of Female Household Heads or Perempuan Kepala Keluarga (Pekka). The study was conducted by the survey method and analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The respondents were 229 female household heads, consisting of 9 unmarrieds, married 150, and 70 widows in Batang City, Central Java, Indonesia. Participatory communication of Pekka groups in the study covered six dimensions, including ideas and thought, dialogue, the intensity of discussion, the flow of communication, ways of solving problems, and the role of leadership. The SEM results show a real influence between participatory communications of Pekka groups on Pekka's economic empowerment. The most significant indicator to explain the variables of participatory communication towards Pekka's economic empowerment is the flow of communication and indicators of how to solve problems.

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