• Veeraganti Soumya et. al


Presently, searchable file encryption is a warm subject in the field of cloud computing. The existing accomplishments are mostly focused on keyword-based search schemes, and also almost all of them rely on predefined search phrases drawn out in the phases of index construction and also query. Nevertheless, keyword-based search systems overlook the semantic depiction information of customers' access and also can not completely match customers' search intentions. As a result, exactly how to design a content-based search scheme and also make semantic search extra reliable and context-aware is a challenging challenge. In this paper, for the very first time, we define as well as address the issues of semantic search based upon conceptual graphs( CGs) over encrypted outsourced information in clouding computing (SSCG). We firstly use the efficient procedure of "sentence racking up" in message summarization as well as Tregex to extract one of the most crucial and simplified topic sentences from files. We then transform these streamlined sentences into CGs. To perform a measurable estimation of CGs, we develop a new approach that can map CGs to vectors. Next, we rate the returned results based upon the" message summarization score". Furthermore, we suggest a basic idea for SSCG as well as give a substantially enhanced scheme to satisfy the protection assurance of searchable symmetric file encryption (SSE). Ultimately, we pick a real-world dataset-- ie., the CNN dataset to check our plan The results gotten from the experiment reveal the performance of our recommended plan.

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et. al, V. S. (2020). IMPROVISED SCHEME TO SATISFY THE SECURITY GUARANTEE OF SEARCHABLE SYMMETRIC ENCRYPTION (SSE). International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(2), 2735 - 2752. Retrieved from