Organization Justice impact on Employee Work Engagement

  • Dr. Amitabh Roy et. al


Research methodology:  For the study 200 employees of selected Educational Institutions in North NCR was taken as respondents. Data was collected using standard questionnaire containing standard scaled of distributive, procedural, interactional, trust and employee engagement . The relationships between justice perceptions and work engagement were analyzed using correlations and regression analysis.

Findings: The analysis of the study indicates that there is a strong and positive relationship among organization justice and employee engagement.  The study also indicates that procedural, interactional and distributive justice are inter – related with each other. Further, distributive and interactional justice take precedence over procedural justice in determining job engagement, while distributive justice plays the most important role in determining organization engagement (OE) , followed by procedural and interactional justice.

Limitations: This paper adds to the very small number of studies that have investigated the role of interactional justice in enhancing job and OEs. It has also established inter-relationships between the three dimensions of organizational justice and their individual roles in determining job and OEs

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