Smart cities supported IoT: an overview

  • Ahmed Haitham Najim et. al


 It is important to meet the need and potency of constructing smart cities which regard the potential market size, ranges and tests. The increase of population thickness in city centers demands applicable delivery of services and substructures; that is achieved to fulfill the requirements of city populations, encompassing inhabitants, labors and guests. The use of data and technologies of communications (ICT) is to acquire such objective presents a chance for the enlargement of cities which are relatively smart. Wherever voters unit and measurements a city organization have, it assume an access to a treasure of actual time data regarding city atmosphere upon which choices, actions and future coming up with are based. The aim of this paper is to deliver a comprehensive review about the conception of relatively smart cities conjointly their dissimilar applications, benefits, and blessings. Moreover, most of the getable (IOT) technologies unit of measurement are given, and their skills to merge and relate into the various components of smart cities unit of measurement are mentioned. The potency of implementation of smart cities with respect to technology advancement within the long run offers another valued argument throughout this paper.

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