A Perspective of Maqasid al-Syariah towards Women’s Particular Needs in Disaster

  • Eva Fadhilah et. al


This study tries to examine the special needs for disaster victim women from the maqashid al-shari'ah’s perspective. Indonesia is one of the countries quite vulnerable to disasters. This is attributed to the fact that it is located between 60 LU-110 LS and 950 BT-1410 BT, an active volcano lane and the meeting place for the Eurasian, Indonesian-Australian and Pacific. The disasters occurring leads to a lot of damages, death and displacement of people. In disaster management, victims are often considered of one type. They are subjected to the same treatment and given the same assistance. However, there are some special help that only women need,  such as sanitary napkins, underwear, water for maintenance of the cleanliness of reproductive organs, safe toilets, multivitamins for pregnant and lactating mothers, and labour equipment. In this light, there gender sensitivity should be formulated the government policy in the provision of assistance. Using qualitative descriptive methods and the maqaid al-syari'ah approach, this study found that Articles 48 and 53 which regulates the fulfilment of the basic needs for refugees during disasters do not meet the set standards, especially the special needs of women. In this regard, it is necessary to have various policies made by the government for that the aid given to fully benefit the entire community.

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