• Manoj Kumar, Dr. Kavita


Vendors oer a pool of shared resources to their users through the cloud network. Nowadays, shifting to cloud is a very optimal decision as it provides pay-as-you-go services to users. Cloud has boomed high in business and other industries for its advantages like multi- tenancy, resource pooling, storage capacity etc. In spite of its vitality, it exhibits various security flaws including loss of sensitive data, data leakage and few others related to cloning, resource pooling and so on. As far as security issues are concerned, a very wide study has been reviewed which signifies threats with service and deployment models of cloud. In order to comprehend these threats, this study is presented so as to eectively refine the crude security issues under various areas of cloud. This study also aims at revealing dierent security threats under the cloud models as well as network concerns to stagnate the threats within cloud, facilitating researchers, cloud providers and end users for noteworthy analysis of threats.

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