Solution of Vacuum Field Equations Using Contraction Principle

  • Ashutosh Mishra et. al


Einstein field equations in general relativity have engaged number of scientists and mathematicians to explore the possibilities of finding a solution of these and to understand the nature of universe ever since their evolution. The vacuum field Einstein equation dynamics insights the same in vacuum or free space for space-time. To study all types of hyperbolic solutions globally, one of the most convincing techniques is Cauchy formulation. J. Isenberg [1997]. Whereas, other methods viz., the conformal method, constant mean curvature data (CMC-data) and non-constant mean curvature data (non-CMC-data) may also be considered in this accord. To reinvestigate the different aspects of exploring the significant proximities to obtain a solution of Einstein’s vacuum field equations applying Jungck type contractions, is our main interest in this statement of paper. During this discourse, the earlier contraction mapping approach is taken into account and we will try to get a common coincident point or common fixed point as a solution for the same

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