Human Detection For Controlling Smart Home Appliances Using Smart Tecnology

  • Afreen Fatima , Md. Ateeq Ur Rahman


The objective of this paper is to develop a smart IoT based light control system. Due to
negligence and forgetfulness, many instances occur in establishments where the electrical appliances are left
turned on even if there no human presence in a room. This is one of the most prominent cases of electricity
wastage prevalent in society. Hence there is a need for an intelligent system that can ensure both efficiency
and effectiveness. This project combines IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing which are powerful
modern technologies. In this system, object detection methods are used which enable us to control appliances
in a specific spatial region. It also uses image processing methods which are more efficient than conventional
IR blaster-based home automation systems. Conventional IR blasters inevitably come with a fallacy where
any and all objects that obstruct the infrared ray trigger whatever response the system was programmed to
achieve. These actions that are only meant for actual human beings can now be activated by any object. This
produces an undesired result. This paper proposes a system which can efficiently utilize the lighting output
and minimize the wastage of electricity by controlling the electrical appliances by detecting changes in the
position of the humans in the room.

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