The Changes Needed In Teaching Training Regarding Participatory Era [Digital Age]

  • Umut Kisa


Teaching training has taken different forms since the onset of formal learning at different levels. Teachers play a very significant role in the transfer of information to learners. This paper analyzes the fundamentals of learning at the digital age and all that comes with it.

findings are displayed as part of the transformational designs of the work. Education takes a broad perspective of life as it acts as a tool for transferring learned information from one generation to the next in order to keep the training process active. The ICCSE-International Conference on Computer Science and Education is one of the bodies that seek to help in the transformation of the digital age. Learning as a process should equip students with resources, information, and development of skills at different levels. Teaching training during the participatory era is a phase of learning where most of the classwork is student based-the teacher is not seen as the main source of information but an individual who makes understanding of the learning process.

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