National e-Payment Master Plan to Thailand 4.0

  • Sasivimol Meeampol et. al


 nowadays, there are several factor to be influence in the global such as the Digital Transformation, Online Business, Fintech, Economics Integration, e-Commerce, International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), and so forth. therefore, all element ought to be alternate themselves to be undergo. Legislature of Thailand is honestly the one detail who try to embody himself that allows you to go through and upward thrust on top of things all adjustments. control of Thailand exertion to make use of synthetic Intelligence (AI) to consist of in country wide e-charge hold near Plan with the surrender goal for Thailand to be Thailand four.0. apart from of the e-rate master Plan, the Cashless society is every different method of Thai government, include rate Infrastructure development, e-Social Welfare, e-Tax system and monetary Inclusion. The authorities starts offevolved this e-rate project by using using keeping apart into 5 number one sports. This exam will contemplate the subtleties, at that component dissect the favorable characteristic and stumbling blocks of each mission under the e-rate draw close Plan of Thai authorities. The e-fee grasp Plan, furthermore will supply to hazard primarily based Audit device (RBA) for obligation framework. The venture of Any identification can be the most crucial task all started, at that factor the increase of the use of the cashless society may be the following task, and the 1/3 undertaking may be the improvement of e-bill, e-Tax invoice, e-Receipt, e-Withholding Tax and e-submitting. The Fourth challenge could be e-price of government and the final undertaking might be the increase Thailand to be the virtual economic machine. The studies discover that all responsibilities of Thai authorities will bypass at the Thailand to Digitalization and Innovation.

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