Leadership in portfolio management of a digital agency – the case of Croatia

  • ]Rebeka D. Vlahov et. al


Abstract: At the time of an accelerated development of communication technologies and need for a more efficient exchange of information between organizations and their stakeholders, digital agencies come into view as a logical choice to do it properly, as they are a set of individuals with knowledge and experience from diverse marketing areas who can simultaneously work on multiple projects and programs. Therefore, to coordinate their efforts and to manage portfolios of projects and/or programs within the agencies successfully, portfolio managers should have a certain level of competence, with the emphasis on leadership in order to meet the expectations of external stakeholders, while inspiring and motivating team members to create synergistic solutions and achieve good business results. In this paper, a qualitative empirical research on leadership in portfolio management was conducted in 404 agency using in-depth interviews with two portfolio (digital and PR) and eight program managers. The collected data were analyzed using grounded theory approach and results in several main areas were obtained: leadership challenges in portfolio management of a digital agency and key features of leadership in portfolio management including key knowledge and skills, as well as assessment by using key competence indicators.

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