CEO Characteristics on Capital Structure: A Case Study on Indonesian Firms

  • Neneng Djuaeriah et. al


the ones The purpose for this examination is to interrupt down the impact of CEO trademark toward Capital systems. This exploration utilizes taken into consideration one of a type relapse on board facts of an instance of 24 corporations recorded in listing LQ45 for the duration from 2013 to 2017 with 61 female CEOs and fifty nine male CEOs in the instance. This exam is utilising CEO sexual orientation as loose problem; capital structures spoken to with the useful resource of short term debts over total assets(STD), long term debt over total assets (LTD) and total debt over total asset(TD) as reliant variable. specific CEO trademark, for instance, age, residency, and education. The exploration famous a immoderate excellent noteworthy impact among female CEOs within the route of LTD yet lousy essential wih STD. it's far just first-class effect on TD, The results additionally show that residency is contrarily noteworthy on every STD and TD. besides, the age and education might now not essentially impact STD, LTD and TD. The age certainly has excessive exceptional very last effects on STD and TD at the identical time as contrarily impact LTD. The education has horrible effect on STD and TD however exceptional impact on LTD.. girl CEO moreover can slight the corporation trouble in the company. The UET hypothesis is applied to assist the discoveries wherein CEO trademark can impact the organization's presentation and money associated preference. UET writing facilities round dependable statistic to make clean corporate undertaking choice at the identical time as this paper broadens the use of the UET inside the region of bookkeeping.

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