Empirical Study of Speed Characteristics at Sag Vertical Curve for Two-Lane Rural Highway

  • Muhammad Akram Adnan et. al


 street fatalities in Malaysia are growing from three hundred and sixty five days to year albeit taken into consideration one in all a type protection degree procedures and duties have been looked after out through the usage of the area. severa accessories add to the road fatalities, to be specific human behavior, automobile's difficulty, nearby climate situation, road floors, and street preparations. This paper speaks to research on percent characteristics for automobile going at snatch vertical bend for two-route provincial interstate. The number one exam was to ponder the relationship of configuration %, working price, % limit, and the consequences on the geometrical plan. the speed information were led utilizing laser firearm indicator to build up the spot pace files inside the selected territory within the route of Lenggong to Sauk on a -path united states roadway in Perak. The posted percentage restrict for the state of affairs examine become scale back than the eighty fifth percentile's walking velocity. the approaching at some stage in deliberate to give a setting out level within the route of the country wide constitution state-of-the-art for the interstate originator to growth the consistency geometric association substances in -course provincial freeway.

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