The Effectiveness Of Ocean Management Practices By Company A

  • Boikutso Palesa Sankoloba, Dr. Ankit Katrodia


The oceans are under threat, with issues such as pollution, global warming and overfishing being the greatest threats. Overfishing, which in recent years has intensified, is linked to decades of ineffective ocean management. With its effects becoming even more widespread, this requires quick responses and workable solutions. Topping the list of these solutions is that of effective ocean management practices, which have become important obligations for nation states and organisations (such as the UN). The road towards effective management requires collaborative efforts from ocean bound states, their populations and organisations. The ecosystem-based management approach has become the most used management practice, which includes an integrated approach, integrating all sectors. Although its effectiveness is said to be limited, examples where it is successful can be seen in Norway and more recently in Sweden. Its application, although initially only at the national level, spanning across all levels, including that at retailers, has ensured its effectiveness.


The study determines the role of Company A in the application of such practices, as a retailer with a ‘vision to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers’. Their ocean management activities relating to awareness, strategy, education and sourcing were examined. Semi-structured interviews were used to gather data on the ocean management activities. The data was analysed using ATLAS.ti, and codes were obtained to create themes.


The results suggest that Company A is aware of the threat to the ocean and its resources, and the collaborative role it needs to play in the overcoming of the global fishing problem. Currently responsibility is one of their company values, with sustainability entrenched within its values, indicating their commitment and the role which they seek to play. Company A is also actively using a variety of communication mediums to educate their customers and assist in their decision-making when it comes to ocean products. Furthermore, their sourcing methods are also an indication of the work which they continue to do.

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