An Efficient And High Throughput Aws Based Face Recognition Using Open Cv

  • Prof.K.Dhanunjaya, Uppala Sumanth


 Face recognition in a real-time setting has an exciting area and a rapidly growing challenge in today's world, face recognition is an significant part for the determination of security, Biometric and surveillance system. So, there is a requirement for an enhanced and cost effective system for improving better results. This concept goal is to discover the feasibility of implementing Raspberry Pi based face recognition system using efficient face detection and recognition techniques such as Principal Component Analysis, Haar detection. Open CV, AWS S3 server with SES and Crontab are used here to implement proposed architecture. Power optimization is another goal in this concept by introducing power gating technique. Here combination of both PIR and IR sensors are used to detect living body in front of camera. Camera power will on and capture the forth pose if and only if both PIR and IR are activated.  While in positive scenario, servo motor is used here for indication purpose; while in false scenario, Detected image is stored in local host as further evaluation of taking decision for uploading stored image to AWS S3 server with the help of Crontab application frame work. As well automated mail will be forwarded to admin using AWS SES.

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